Hard Tonneau Covers

This product is an excellent compliment to any truck. It's yours FREE when you order any Access Cover from our selection. This is a $29.00 value.

If you are not ordering an Access Cover and would like one anyway, click here to add this item to your shopping cart.

One Size Fits All --

  • This will protect your truck from dust, rain, snow, etc.
  • Highly compressible and self forming.
  • Provides a firm cushion when closing the tailgate.
  • Each kit contains Ten (10') Feet of seal, cleaning pads, and instructions.

Just Cut . . . Peel . . . and Stick! ! !

TrailSeal seals the tailgate gaps and stops dust, rain, and snow from getting in.TrailSeal seals the bottom and both sides of the tailgate.

Note: The location of the bottom seal protects the seal when sliding cargo over it.



Finished Results


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