Hard Tonneau Covers

hard tonneau covers 

The original retractable hard tonneau cover by Pace-Edwards

Roll Top Hard Tonneau Cover Features:

  • Durability - fabricated from one solid piece of specially blended padded polymer, laminated to ridged, heavy gauge aluminum panels and designed to endure both sun and cold year after year without stretching, shrinking, tearing or cracking.
  • Style - The padded polymer has the look and feel of real leather and all the fastenings are hidden to give you that smooth, flush mounted look.
  • Convenience - It's slick! The aluminum extruded side rails, with the specially designed wear strip and sweep seal, allows the Roll-Top to retract automatically, or be closed easily and quietly from either side of the truck using only one hand.
  • Security - If it's protection from weather or theft that you're looking for, the Roll-Top will not freeze up, nor will it collapse under snow. Water is channeled to the canister and out the drain tubes to protect your truck bed from the weather. Also, the Roll-Top locks into the side rails at the tailgate. If your truck is not already equipped with a locking tailgate, we have offer the Pop & Lock Tailgate lock and the Powergate tailgate locks to fully secure your truck bed.

    Roll Top Cover Benefits

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WeatherGate Tailgate Gasket
FREE! with every Roll-Top Cover Purchase

  • Provides a firm cushion and tight seal when closing tailgate
  • Will not interfere with tailgate removal or operation
  • Seals the tailgate gaps protecting from dust, rain, and snow
  • OEM quality pressure sensitive 3M Adhesive
  • $29.95 Value

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